Early Childhood Music

Even in utero, a child responds to the sound of music. Classical music in particular has been proven to provide soothing relief to people of all ages and is regularly used in neonatal wards at hospitals as a way of helping calm distressed babies. As babies grow, they develop a sense of rhythm and pitch, and delightedly bounce their entire bodies to any music that captures their attention. In recent years scientists have spent considerable time studying the effects of music on a child’s wellbeing, behaviour and ability to learn. They have produced overwhelming evidence that involvement in the study and practise of music has incredible effects on a child right through to adulthood. Children who take music lessons have greater concentration skills, achieve higher levels in English and maths, and demonstrate improved behaviour and communication skills. Students who study music from an early age demonstrate more advanced levels of language development as well as gross and fine motor skills. 

While learning the double bass may seem a little ridiculous at the age of 3 and holding a trombone impossible for a 5 year old, the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium is able to provide an enriching Early Childhood Music program for children aged 0 – 5 years of age, in preparation for continuing onto instrumental or vocal studies. Accompanied by their parents, young children regularly come for enriching classes with our wonderful Early Childhood Music specialist teacher, Tracey Burton, who weaves magic with even the most chaotic of classes. Within moments Tracey is able to gain a sense of peace, harmony and wonder whilst guiding the children through the earliest beginnings of music lessons. Parents and guardians accompany their children to these lessons and enjoy a very special bonding process with their children as well as the opportunity to make new friends. 

Tracey Burton has taught hundreds of children under the age of 5, all of whom come away with the ability to understand and recognise pitch, rhythm, and the beginnings of notation. Once they begin kindergarten they are able to continue with Tracey by enrolling in group keyboard classes, where all of the fundamentals they learnt as toddlers are put into context as they learn to play an instrument. They can also continue on to learn the violin, cello, singing, or take individual piano lessons. There is a world of opportunity for any student of any age at the Conservatorium, so call the office on 6652 1592 for further information.


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