Laura Bush

Music is the joy of my life……

I was raised in a musical family, some of my early memories are of Nan and Mum playing music for the enjoyment of our friends and family and as I grew music became infused into my daily life, practicing for exams, performing in eisteddfods and constantly competing with my sister for time on the piano although practising our duets together was always a drama I still laugh when I think back to all the pushing and shoving for enough room on the piano stool.

I have experienced diverse styles and flavors of music from time spent traveling the world. From Opera’s in Vienna to Theater productions in London and the exotic sounds in Africa and Asia. I still remember the impromptu piano performance I gave along the River Themes one evening in London.

I have experienced great enjoyment and satisfaction from learning the piano and this fuels my passion for music. I play the piano for my own enjoyment and relaxation but I have also experience the thrill that comes from mastering the skill and technique required to play the piano with confidence.

Part of the enjoyment of music is teaching not only the skills required but also the joy that music brings to your life. Both young and young at heart you will find that music lifts your soul.

There is so much to learn, I have enjoyed playing a range of music from Classical to Jazz and today’s modern musical styles. I find myself forever growing in understanding and admiration for the way music touches our lives and our hearts, making us feel like dancing or sometimes crying, the joys and the sorrows of life!

“With a buzz in our ear we play endlessly”…. Sigur Ros

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