Early Childhood Music

Have you heard about the benefits of children actively engaging in making music?

Young children taking music classes show improvement in their vocabulary and speaking skills after only a month of music training [1].  

Primary school children in a high-quality music education program show gains in standardised tests for English and maths [2], and the benefit is greater with music classes than other creative activities [3].

More than that, music classes are fun and a wonderful way to bond with your little one through music!  Children, parents and carers learn and interact with other families, gently developing social-emotional skills, cognition, language and motor skills all of which are enhanced through active listening, moving and creating music.

I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.

[1] Moreno, S, Marques, C, Santos, A, Santos, M, Castro, S & Besson, M 2008. Musical training influences linguistic abilities in 8-year old children: More evidence for brain plasticity. Cerebral cortex, Vol. 19, no.3 pp 712 – 723 [2] Johnson, C.M. & Memmott, J.E. 2006. Examination of relationships between participants in school music programs of differing quality and standardised test results. Journal of Research in Music Education, vol. 54, no. 4, pp. 293 – 307 [3] Schellenberg, E.G. 2004. Music lessons enhance IQ. Psychological Science, vol. 15, no. 8, pp. 511 – 514

Early Childhood Music is a fun and engaging sequenced program of songs, games, rhythm and movement, delivered by a highly trained and experienced specialist teacher.

Group keyboard lessons are specially developed to nurture musical skills in children who are in their early school years.

Frequently Asked Questions

We cater for babies up to 5 years old, with different classes for different ages. 

Yes, there is!  Classes are held in a carpeted space and there is plenty of room.  
We also have baby change facilities in our toilets.

No, not at all!  Our Early Childhood Music programs are great for young children in all families. It doesn’t matter if you think you are musical or not, and it doesn’t matter if your child continues to learn music when they’re older: Early Childhood Music will give them skills that will help them all the way through school and beyond.

Music classes for children and parents
Yes, please.  Younger children feel more confident and secure with their parents and carers nearby, and the whole Early Childhood Music program is built around you participating in activities with your child.  Plus, you’ll learn new skills and activities that you can take home and share with your child again and again!

Class times and waiting lists


Early Childhood Music classes are held on weekdays in the mornings.
Class times vary in length, from 30 to 45 minutes, according to the age group.

Classes run for nine weeks each term, in line with the NSW public school term dates.

We take enrolments at any time into most age groups, but this is a popular program so your child may be placed on a short waiting list and we’ll get them into the right class as soon as we can.

Let's start your child's musical journey

If you have any questions,  please call our friendly administration team on 02 6652 1592.
You can also register your interest and we will get back to you with information on classes most suited to your needs.