Early childhood music

What happens in the Early Childhood Music classes?

Early Childhood Music is a sequenced and developmental program of songs, games, rhythm and movement, shared with parents and carers.
The classes are fun and engaging, delivered by a highly trained and experienced specialist teacher.

Babies and Toddlers

Music and movement are almost inseparable for your little ones as they listen and respond to musical experiences.
This class introduces them to nursery rhymes, songs and chants. It engages babies and toddlers in creating whole body movements, and playing bouncing, rocking, patting, clapping, fingerplay and listening games.

Two and three years

Children learn through imitation, exploration and repetition at this age.
In this class they will develop skills in beat matching and rhythm patterns through movement. They will also discover their singing voice through the melody of songs, and create music with a variety of percussion instruments. Musical concepts of pitch (high/low), dynamics (strong/quiet), tempo (fast/slow) and timbre (quality of sound) are explored through listening games.

Four and five years

Children become more social with others in the class and enjoy rule-based games.
These classes encourage singing, echo songs and call and response through singing games. Beat matching and, later, rhythm patterns become conscious and children’s understanding of these musical concepts is expressed in their first musical book! Listening skills become more refined as children identify the musical concepts of pitch, dynamics, tempo and timbre through musical games, all the while developing important pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills.


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