Heather Rose

Music Teacher


I love sharing my joy of music with students. My students are all self-motivated and always are practicing. they get great results in Classical, Music for Leisure and Theory and all have a good working knowledge of theory. They are all playing to the best of their ability. I expect my students to understand that they are expected to put in lots of work at home to become better at music. I love teaching adults and advanced students chord structure, improvisation and song writing as well as exam work and performance. I am a multi-instrumentalist and have performance experience in rock, blues, jazz, classical, silent movie writing and am a singer / song writer.

Where did you undergo training?
I studied jazz, doing a Women In Jazz course with Sandy Evans and learnt many styles of music with on the job training from some excellent musicians over the years in many different genres. 

What instrument(s) do you teach?
Piano, Theory, Synthesizer, Singing & Song writing. PA management. Performance Workshops.

What is your favourite genre of music?
I love many genres .Jazz to Classical. Rock to Original Music & Silent Movie Performances.

Who is your favourite musical artist or composer?
Chopin, Debussy, Fats Waller, Charlie Parker, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Cat Empire.