Everyone can sing!  Music makes us happy, and singing is the most accessible form of making music. 

Coffs Con is proud to present our choral ensembles – designed to make you feel good! The Coffs Con Choir Program offers a unique experience for all ages and abilities.

Choose your choir

Young Voices

Singing is fun, and children benefit enormously from the chance to meet new friends, improve their musical ability and boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Vocal teacher Linda Cochrane directs the choral program at the Coffs Con, including Young Voices, our children choir.

Young Voices is for students aged 8-16 and rehearse each Tuesday afternoon from 3:45-4:45, weeks 1-9 during NSW school term. 

The children choir performs at the Con and other venues throughout the year. 

Conservatorium Singers

Love singing? Want to develop your musical skills or rediscover your love of music?

Come and join the Conservatorium Singers,  the Con’s adult choir.

Experience the joy of singing in three and four-part harmony including a mixture of Contemporary music, World music, with elements of Jazz, Musicals and traditional choral music.

Influences include The Pentatonix, the Idea of North and Pitch Perfect.

Rehearsals for The Conservatorium Singers are on Mondays from 6:30-7:30

What are the benefits of singing in a choir?

Making music exercises the brain as well as the body, but singing is particularly good for improving breathing and posture, and reducing muscle tension.  There is also evidence that music helps to sustain a healthy immune system by reducing stress hormones.

Singing in a choir will increase your skills in harmony, rhythm, balance, intonation and performance – and you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned back into your individual lessons.

What will I learn in a choir?

Choral singing offers the chance to:

  •   Learn to read music
  •   Learn to sing in harmony
  •   Develop self-confidence, concentration and awareness skills
  •   Train your voices
  •   Improve your performance skills
  •   Develop your posture and breathing skills development
  •   Connect with other creative minds
  • Experience the joy of music

Whether you know which choir you’re interested in or you’d like more information, we can help you select the best ensemble for your needs – contact us on 02 6652 1592 or register your interest and we’ll get in touch with you!