Linda Cochrane

Music Teacher

Voice, Choir Direction

Where did you undergo training?

I completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at Southern Cross University, majoring in Vocal Production and Performance. I completed a Diploma of Secondary Education in Music specialization. I was a mature age student entering university at age 50 which proved to be a study asset!

What instrument(s) do you teach?

I focus on vocal production utiliising the Estill  technique for contemporary vocalists.

What is your favourite genre of music?

I enjoy any form of music, from Western Art Music to Contemporary grassroots.  I am particularly drawn to music with a message that engages audiences who perhaps would not consider an aspect of social comment.

Who is your favourite musical artist or composer?

So many inspirational composers and songwriters have emerged in each generation. For me its the overall intention of a  composer or songwriter . The way in which the music is constructed to deliver  musical intention. I also admire artists who through the use of technology  record the environmental elements  found in our natural surrounds. These artists recordings are then simultaneously channeled and layered creating overtones, harmonics and patterns of rhythms that unbelievably create a symphonic sound that is majestic and inspiring.