Choral Ensembles


A junior choir for all Coffs Harbour area students between the ages of 9 to 14. The choir is directed by Siobhan Corcoran and will give local primary school aged children the opportunity to be part of a high quality musical experience aimed at teaching the following:
  • Learning to read music
  • Singing in harmony
  • Self confidence, concentration and awareness skills
  • Vocal training
  • Performance skills
  • Etiquette and posture development
  • Connecting with other creative minds
  • Experiencing the joy of music
The positive impact of participation in music on a child’s educational outcome is increasingly well documented by both scientists and academics as being one of the most important aspects in their development. For many, learning an instrument is an expensive exercise. For this reason introducing children to high quality musical education in a choir setting is a valuable and affordable way of discovering music whilst increasing brain, concentration and social development skills.
  • Tuesdays 4 – 5pm 
Choir members are encouraged to take part in performance opportunities at the Conservatorium and within the community as they arise. The cost per term per child is $130, payable at the beginning of each term. For bookings and enrolment forms please contact the Conservatorium at 02 6652 1592.

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